• Accomplishment: DynamicElement attains LBMA certification for its gold bar authentication technology.
  • Industry Impact: Recognized by LBMA’s Gold Bar Integrity Initiative, affirming adherence to industry-leading security standards.
  • Significance: Pioneering efforts in establishing trusted and secure measures for gold authenticity.


DynamicElement AG, a technology company based in Thurgau, Switzerland, has been certified by the prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) for its gold bar authentication technology. This internationally acclaimed certification confirms that DynamicElement’s product identification technology aligns with LBMA’s stringent standards under the Gold Bar Integrity Initiative (GBI).

The LBMA Certification’s Importance

Safeguarding Gold Integrity: LBMA’s Gold Bar Integrity Initiative aims to ensure the transparency and reliability of gold in the global market, protecting against counterfeiting and maintaining the integrity of the gold supply chain.

Role in Provenance Verification: DynamicElement’s solution supports LBMA’s goal by providing a novel, non-invasive, and invisible imaging solution for distinct product registration, facilitating the recognition and authentication of individual gold bars.

Authentication Process and Technology

Unique “Gold Bar Fingerprint”: Employing advanced macro-imaging technology, DynamicElement captures surface details, generating an unmistakable “fingerprint” for each gold bar. This fingerprint enables a secure linkage between the physical and digital realms, ensuring an unalterable digital record throughout the gold bar’s lifecycle.

LBMA’s Gold Bar Security Features

DynamicElement is listed as an accredited Gold Bar Security Feature provider, contributing to LBMA’s Gold Bar Integrity Initiative. These features establish the identity and verify the authenticity of gold bars, enhancing traceability and authenticity throughout the chain of custody.

Addressing Counterfeiting Challenges and Sustainability

Friedrich Kisters, with over 30 years of expertise in physical security against counterfeiting, emphasizes the challenge of gold counterfeiting and the role of sustainability in the industry. He discusses how gold, with sustainability certifications, might gain increased value, akin to the importance of proving authenticity. Read more


DynamicElement’s LBMA certification marks a significant stride in establishing secure authentication measures for gold bars. The integration of innovative technology not only enhances gold market transparency but also addresses challenges related to counterfeiting and sustainability.