• Objective: Protecting oceans and restoring coral reefs for marine ecosystem preservation.
  • Collaboration: Liechtenstein Bankers Association, Teal Project, rrreefs, and DynamicElement join forces for sustainability.
  • Initiative: Impact campaign to support rrreefs’ coral reef restoration efforts.


The Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA), Teal Project, rrreefs, and DynamicElement have united in a pioneering initiative dedicated to safeguarding oceans and fostering marine biodiversity. This collaboration marks a collective effort to contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems and support rrreefs’ goal of restoring one percent of the world’s nearshore coral reefs by 2034.

The Campaign’s Approach and Contributions

  • Teal Project’s Eco-Friendly Socks: Teal Project produces high-quality socks from recycled ocean and land plastic, with 5% of sales benefiting rrreefs’ coral reef restoration. This initiative directly aids cleaner oceans and creates new marine habitats.
  • Joint Engagement via QR Codes: The alliance, spearheaded by LBA and Teal Project, distributes special stickers featuring tamper-proof QR codes (SQR) through various events and campaigns to engage participants. These codes lead to the project page, allowing support for rrreefs or the purchase of Teal socks, enhancing customer engagement in a secure environment.
  • DynamicElement’s Secure SQR Codes: DynamicElement designs tamper-proof SQR codes, ensuring campaign integrity and providing a secure environment for customer engagement. These codes uniquely verify contributions, fostering authenticity in the campaign.

Collaborating across industries to merge sustainability and digitalization is a thrilling endeavor. Protecting oceans resonates deeply with our mission, and together, we can make a substantial impact.

David HabluetzelCo-Founder of Teal Project

This initiative perfectly combines digitalization and sustainability, promoting marine biodiversity in a tangible way through socks made from ocean plastic and coral reef restoration efforts.

Simon TribelhornCEO of Liechtenstein Bankers Association

Coral reefs urgently need our help, and this partnership showcases a global commitment to preserving our oceans, transcending geographical boundaries. It gives us hope.

Ulrike PfreundtCo-founder of rrreefs

Future Goals

The alliance aims to expand its efforts, raising awareness and fostering greater participation to meet rrreefs’ ambitious target of restoring coral reefs globally. The ongoing commitment of each partner ensures a sustained and impactful endeavor.