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We give products a unique identity – safeguarding authenticity, fostering engagement, and elevating trust – to empower brands in a competitive market. 

About Us

DynamicElement pioneers innovative technology, providing unique product identification solutions that safeguard against counterfeiting, combat gray market challenges, and enhance customer engagement possibilities. Our expertise in computer vision, AI, and process integration enables the capture of distinctive surface characteristics, giving each product an individual, tamper-proof identity, akin to a fingerprint. With both visible (SQR code) and invisible options, our solutions prioritize user-friendliness while fostering trust in brands. Established in 2019, DynamicElement is headquartered in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, dedicated to ongoing research and development for cutting-edge software and technology. 

Meet Our Team

We are tech enthusiasts and innovators. We are friendly humans and experts. Together, we redefine brand security, combat counterfeiting, and pioneer new realms of customer engagement for you.

Business Development / Sales

Philip Ehret

Renowned as the go-to person for transforming concepts into reality, Philip boasts a robust 20-year commercial background in software consulting and development. His educational journey includes graduation from Corporate State University Baden-Württemberg, Université Grenoble Alpes, and the University of Konstanz. Initially excelling as a software architect, he later took charge of various international tech teams, most recently in his prior role as Co-Founder & CIO at OriginStamp. Acknowledged for his proactive approach in "making it happen," Philip directs his expertise fully towards ensuring customer and partner success at DynamicElement.
Senior Software Engineer

Vincent Stange

Vincent Stange is the Senior Software Engineer at DynamicElement, a graduate of Humboldt University of Berlin, who has refined his skills through collaboration with the University of Constance's Information Science Group. As a seasoned software engineer with several years of industry experience, he specializes in software architecture, project consultation, and continuous development. Vincent's technical expertise drives innovation and success at DynamicElement, making him an invaluable asset to our team in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Prof. Dr. Jörg Eberhardt

Jörg is CTO and co-founder of DynamicElement AG, Director at the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Vision Systems, and Professor for 3D Technologies and Machine Vision at the Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences (RWU). Jörg is — among many other accolades and scientific accomplishments — a leading expert and creator of remarkable innovations in the field of anti-counterfeiting, as well as a sought-after lecturer and speaker.
Marketing Project Manager

Ilka Schneider

Ilka Schneider, our Marketing Project Manager at DynamicElement, seamlessly blends strategic insight with hands-on experience in the start-up landscape. With a master's degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship from SDU Kolding and several years of expertise in effective communication and project management, she navigates startup dynamics, fosters cross-functional collaboration, and excels in creative content creation. Ilka's versatile skill set contributes significantly to the success of DynamicElement's communication, ensuring seamless execution and impactful outcomes.
Technical Product Owner

Torsten Koller

Torsten Koller, our accomplished Technical Product Owner at DynamicElement, brings a wealth of expertise to the role. With a background as a former IT consultant and a master's degree focusing on "Learning and Adaptive Systems" research from ETH Zurich, Torsten is well-versed in the intricacies of technology. His specialization in safety and collision avoidance of dynamical systems, coupled with his experience as a Research Assistant in the Brainlinks-Braintools research cluster, has fortified his understanding of cutting-edge solutions. Torsten's exceptional fusion of hands-on expertise and academic brilliance not only enriches his role but also propels DynamicElement into new frontiers of technological innovation.
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Friedrich Kisters

Friedrich, our visionary CEO at DynamicElement, is a successful inventor and FinTech entrepreneur in the security industry, holding numerous international patents. Trained as an art historian and business development professional at the University of Zurich, Friedrich's passion for art authentication led to investments in physical forgery, data protection, blockchain, and computer vision. In 2018, he founded a three-company ecosystem providing AI and blockchain solutions for counterfeit and gray market protection, propelling DynamicElement into cutting-edge innovations. A sought-after speaker on product security and business innovations, Friedrich drives our commitment to technological advancements.
Chief Operating Officer

Dominik Bohn-Speidel

Dominik, a seasoned professional and creative force at DynamicElement, who holds a Master's in Automotive Engineering, is fueled by a passion for entrepreneurship. Dominik's creative thinking, blending critical analysis with inventive prowess, ensures finely honed products. As a driving force, his leadership propels impactful projects and constant technological improvement. Dominik's commitment to delivering tangible gains for customers solidifies his position as a chief innovator.

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