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Secure your products, elevate your brand

Ensure security and authenticity for your products.

anti counterfeiting


Get empowered to proactively deter counterfeit activities, ensuring heightened control over your supply chain and distribution channels with our innovative technology.

gray market protection

Gray Market Protection

Our advanced solutions equip you to detect and manage gray market activities, contributing to better control over distribution channels.

customer engagement

Customer Engagement

Unlock new possibilities for meaningful interactions, building lasting connections with your audience. Foster loyalty and satisfaction.

brand image

Brand Image

Safeguard your brand narrative, ensuring heightened influence over perception and authenticity through our advanced technology.


Using innovative technologies that integrate visible and invisible security features on various surfaces.

Security on any surface

Our technology is versatile, applicable to various surfaces, including plastic, metal, and paper – whether they are rough or smooth.

Unique product identity

DynamicElement’s technology provides a distinct identity for each product, creating a unique and tamper-proof fingerprint from its surface characteristics. This ensures authenticity and prevents unauthorized replication.

Invisible fingerprint technology

Our innovative approach captures surface features from a macro perspective, similar to biometrics for human identification. This invisible fingerprint, unique to each product, is getting registered and is verifiable.

Easy authentication options

We offer simple ways to check if your product is authentic. You can use a visible code, a secure QR code, or an invisible method depending on your needs.

Future-proof security

Our technology adapts to changing conditions over time, ensuring persistent protection against counterfeiting and unauthorized replication for the long term.


Integration into your production chain is quick and easy.

1. Integration

Integrate our software and optional the camera system for inline single registration.

2. Registration

Register your products for both visible and invisible tracking.

3. Verification

Verify your products at every step in the supply chain and by your customers.

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