• Cutting-edge Collaboration: Fuji Seal partners with DynamicElement and FSG to develop Deep IS®, an advanced anti-counterfeiting solution.
  • Seamless Integration: Deep IS® effortlessly incorporates into existing label designs, ensuring brand protection without compromising aesthetics.
  • Smartphone Verification: Authenticity verification made simple through smartphone applications.
  • Traceability Excellence: Deep IS® enables traceability, safeguarding against unauthorized duplication.

About Fuji Seal

Founded in 1897 as a wooden products manufacturer, Fuji Seal evolved with societal container trends, transitioning to a packaging business in the 1950s. Today, Fuji Seal Group is a leading provider of shrink sleeve labels, pressure-sensitive labels, spouted pouches, and label-application systems.

Challenge: Protecting Brand Value and Integrity

In a landscape rampant with counterfeit threats, Fuji Seal faced the crucial challenge of preserving brand value and protecting product integrity for its clients and partners. The need for an innovative anti-counterfeiting solution that seamlessly integrated into their existing labels became paramount.

Solution: Deep IS® Image Identification Technology

Fuji Seal embarked on a transformative journey with DynamicElement and FSG, resulting in the creation of Deep IS®. This cutting-edge image identification technology stands as a robust anti-counterfeiting and traceability solution, dedicated to preserving product value and brand reputation.

Understanding Deep IS® Technology

Deep IS® employs advanced algorithms to make individual identifications, comparing printed designs with registered images. Detecting subtle fluctuations in printing, this technology provides a secure and stealthy identifier. Notable advantages include compatibility with existing label designs, resilience against dirt and scratches, and smartphone-enabled authenticity verification.

Application and Operation for Anti-Counterfeiting:

  1. Design Collaboration: Fuji Seal collaborates with customers to seamlessly integrate Deep IS® into existing label designs.
  2. Manufacturing Integration: During production, registered images are linked to individual identification numbers.
  3. Customer Adoption: Customers effortlessly attach labels with registered individual identification numbers.
  4. Verification Simplified: Authenticity verification becomes user-friendly with smartphone applications.

Advantages of Deep IS®:

  • No Special Processing: Easily applies to existing label designs without special requirements.
  • Stealth Identifier: Utilizes printing features as a secure, undetectable identifier.
  • Smartphone Verification: Enables convenient authenticity verification.
  • Traceability: Ensures traceability and prevents unauthorized duplication.

Traceability Application

By linking individual identification information with manufacturing control numbers, Deep IS® enables comprehensive traceability, even if control numbers are tampered with.

Application Examples and Industry Success:

Fuji Seal has successfully implemented Deep IS® across various industries, including stamps (Europe), certification marks, and cosmetics, showcasing the technology’s versatility and impact.
Fuji Seal has witnessed a successful product registration at a remarkable speed of 30m per minute, effectively implementing Deep IS® technology and enhancing their brand protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts.
deepis technology

At Fuji Seal, we've experienced a significant enhancement in our brand protection efforts with DynamicElement's Deep IS® Anti-Counterfeiting Technology. This innovative solution not only seamlessly integrates into the label designs we print without compromising aesthetics but also ensures high-speed production, reinforcing our commitment to authenticity across various industries."

Takeshi KyoganeExecutive Officer, Fuji Seal Intl. Inc.