• Challenge: Bridging the gap between analog stamp collecting and digital-era engagement.
  • Solution: Collaborated with DynamicElement and OriginStamp to create an innovative mobile app.
  • Results: Redefined stamp collecting, ensuring authenticity, and enhancing customer engagement.

About Philately Liechtenstein

As the official issuer of stamps for the Principality of Liechtenstein, Philately Liechtenstein has upheld the highest philatelic standards, showcasing traditional craftsmanship and introducing innovative designs. Recognizing the declining interest among younger generations in stamp collecting, they sought to revolutionize this age-old hobby by integrating technology.

Challenge: A New Era for Stamp Collecting

The traditional world of stamp collecting faced a challenge — its audience was predominantly older individuals, with a diminishing interest among younger generations. Philately Liechtenstein aimed to revitalize this passion by blending the timeless allure of stamps with contemporary digital experiences.

Solution: Crafting the Phygital Gateway

Partnering with DynamicElement and OriginStamp, Philately Liechtenstein embarked on a transformative journey. Together, they developed a bespoke mobile app that served as a gateway between analog stamps and digital engagement. This app not only facilitated interaction with stamps but also ensured their authenticity through a unique SQR code system.

DynamicElement’s Contribution

DynamicElement specializes in innovative product identification solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology like AI and computer vision to authenticate products securely. Their expertise in surface analysis creates a unique identity for each postage stamp, ensuring authenticity and fostering customer engagement.

Our collaboration with DynamicElement has been transformative, injecting vitality into stamp collecting. Through a fusion of creativity and expertise, we've established a seamless bridge between generations, preserving stamp heritage while elevating customer engagement. It's a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation."

Christine BöhmwalderHead of Philately, Philately Liechtenstein

The Result: Revolutionizing Collecting and Engagement

The collaborative effort yielded more than just an app; it revolutionized stamp collecting. Stamps transcended physical albums, becoming a shared interest accessible through a digital interface. This innovation fostered intergenerational connections and enriched customer engagement, offering an interactive and authentic stamp-collecting experience. Since September 2021, Philately Liechtenstein released 10+ editions, many selling out within minutes. This success underscores the initiative’s impact, revitalizing stamp collecting with broad appeal. The blend of tradition and technology preserves stamp heritage, positioning Philately Liechtenstein as a notable contributor to collectibles’ evolution. Read more

Future Goals

Philately Liechtenstein continues to expand its digital offerings, aiming to introduce more interactive experiences and engage a wider audience, thereby ensuring the longevity of stamp collecting.