About Dr. Recella

Dr. Recella (Head office: Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka; President: Tetsuya Okusako) supplies cosmetic products to 3,203 aesthetic salons nationwide (as of the end of February 2024). Based on the concept of “creating skin that does not need foundation,” the company develops, wholesales, and operates a mail-order business for additive-free skincare cosmetics. The company manufactures products that “contribute positively to beauty, health, and the global environment” because the president has been determined to produce cosmetics that are safe, deliver results, and are friendly to people and the global environment since its founding.

Since the company’s inception, Dr. Recella’s CEO’s vision has been to “provide safe, effective, and environmentally friendly products” while striving to produce products that “contribute to beauty, health, and the global environment.”

Technology Marketed as Deep IS® in Japan

It’s essential to highlight that DynamicElement’s product identification technology is marketed in Japan as Deep IS®.

Task: Countermeasures Against Illegal Distribution in E-commerce

Due to the pandemic, e-commerce has expanded and so has illegal distribution. For Dr. Recella, a major cosmetics company that supplies its products to 3,074 beauty salons nationwide, protecting the safety of its skincare products has become paramount. Therefore, Dr. Recella partnered with Fuji Seal and completed a system to prevent unauthorized distribution using Deep IS® technology.

DynamicElement’s Contribution

  • Backed by the innovative technology of Fuji Seal’s Deep IS® Connect System by DynamicElement, it provides Dr. Recella with a solution to prevent unauthorized distribution, ensuring reliability and significantly preventing unauthorized distribution.
  • By employing the Deep IS® Connect System directly on the existing packaging, a distinct identity is created for each product. This process requires no special printing technology or materials. Each product is then linked with distribution information, enabling traceability. This capability facilitates the tracking of distributors selling products in illegal markets, thereby helping to prevent such activities.

  • Deep IS® by DynamicElement offers an invisible security feature, operating discreetly and undetected.

Customer Expectations

The aim is to ensure the quality of cosmetics by aiming for a 100% trace rate for illegal resale on the internet, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated. In the future, we will conduct trials on several products and, after confirming the accuracy of the information, we will roll it out to a variety of products.

A Comment by Dr. Recella

We've been working on countermeasures against illegal reselling for more than 10 years, but every time we take measures, illegal resellers repeatedly found ways to circumvent our efforts. It was like an ongoing challenge that demanded constant vigilance.

In the past, some people were wary of making purchases over the internet, but their reluctance has gradually waned, and purchases over the internet are rapidly increased. As a result, fraudulent sales intensified, and price competition began to compete for customers. We received emotional complaints and concerns from our customers.

I first encountered the Deep IS® at Cosme Week Osaka 2022. This was an introduction to a technique that uses Deep IS to identify the contents of a card without looking at it. We explained the current situation of fraudulent sales during our initial meeting with Fuji Seal. I was deeply touched when Fuji Seal was trying to meet our needs even though we had presented them with quite an impossible task.

The advantages of Deep IS® is that since it is identified using images, there is no need for special processing on the product, so the product image (Brand's Philosophy) is not destroyed, there is no processing cost, and it does not take long to implement.

We also announced to our business partners that we had begun taking measures using Deep IS®, which deterred fraudulent sellers lurking among our business partners and raised the expectations of customers who were worried about the future.

Full-scale operation will begin in the fall of 2023, and the current tracking success rate is 100%. The damage caused by illegal distribution has a major impact on the business operations of our customers. We will continue to work hard to maintain an environment where our customers can feel safe."

Masahiro GotoDirector of Production and Logistics Department, Dr. Recella Co. Ltd