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The Swiss start-up and sports fashion label Teal Project, the ETH spin-off rrreefs, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association and the technology company DynamicElement have joined forces for a sustainability campaign dedicated to protecting the oceans and creating new living spaces for millions of marine animals.

Four strong partners have joined forces in a cooperation between the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA), DynamicElement, Teal and rrreefs. Together they are launching an impact campaign that will support rrreefs’ coral reef efforts until 31.03.2024. The goal of rrreefs is to restore one percent of the world’s nearshore coral reefs by 2034. The basis for this is their globally unique reef system: a modular system of 3D-printed clay bricks that acts as an artificial reef, increases biodiversity and stimulates coral growth. In this way, rrreefs creates valuable living spaces for millions of marine animals and makes an important contribution to the preservation of marine ecosystems.


How the Alliance supports the ocean

The start-up Teal Project is dedicated to the mission of developing sustainable products with the aim of making a positive contribution to the environment. Within this framework, Teal Project produces high-quality socks. The clou: the yarn consists of about 60% recycled ocean and land plastic. In addition, for every sock sold, 5% of the sale price goes to rrreefs. The eco-friendly socks are an important step towards cleaner oceans.
With the Liechtenstein Bankers Association, a strong partner has been won who is actively involved in the realisation of the project. The joint impact campaign is rolled out with two parts: Teal socks and special stickers with a forgery-proof QR code (SQR), which the LBA and Teal distribute through various campaigns and events. Scanning the QR code takes you to the project page where you can support rrreefs directly and/or buy Teal socks. As a special incentive, the top three Impact entries will be rewarded with an exclusive three-hour meeting with representatives of rrreefs and Teal Project, where they can expect an exciting exchange on the topic of the ocean.
The tamper-proof QR codes are designed by DynamicElement from Kreuzlingen and ensure the integrity and fairness of the sustainability campaign. These SecureQR codes – or SQR – grant exclusive access to the Teal Project campaign page and indicate how much everyone has contributed to the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Friedrich Kisters, CEO of DynamicElement AG, explains:
«It’s great that the Liechtenstein Bankers Association supports young entrepreneurs and athletes who are committed to a sustainable ocean project. Removing plastic from the oceans and promoting reefs at the same time is of course twice as good! We are happy to support this project with our tamper-proof QR codes, because «trust» is more important today than ever.»

David Habluetzel, Co-Founder of Teal Project, comments:
«I am pleased to be working with partners from different industries to combine sustainability and digitalisation in one project. As an athlete I always strive for the biggest possible goals, this fits perfectly with the mission to protect the oceans. By working together, we can positively impact the future by cleaning up the oceans and reforesting coral reefs with rrreefs.»

Simon Tribelhorn, CEO of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association, says:
«For us, this project represents more than a successful partnership and a very innovative project. It is a perfect combination of digitalisation and sustainability. By investing in socks made of ocean plastic and using part of the sales to reforest coral reefs, the project doubly promotes marine biodiversity and thus SDG 14 (life under water) in a very concrete way. The use of SQR codes makes it both tamper-proof and unique.»

rrreefs Co-founder Ulrike Pfreundt
«Coral reefs urgently need our help. They are the most threatened part of the ocean today, and the ocean’s health depends on them. So do we – humans. This partnership means a lot to us because it shows that action for the planet doesn’t stop at the borders, that actors in land-locked countries care for the ocean. We have hope.»

About DynamicElement AG
DynamicElement AG develops technologies to combat product counterfeiting. The mission of the Swiss high-tech company is to provide market participants with tools to improve the counterfeit-proofing of their products and to enable customers and trading partners to verify them unambiguously at any time. The integrity of the raffle is guaranteed by the unique SQR code.

About Teal Project
Teal Projekt is an innovative company from Switzerland, consisting of professional athletes and experienced sportswear designers. Develops unique products that meet the highest standards in sports and outdoor activities while making a positive contribution to the environment. Teal’s mission is to create a connection between sporting passion, creative innovation and sustainable thinking.

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About Liechtenstein Bankers Association
The Liechtenstein Bankers Association is the voice of Liechtenstein banks in Liechtenstein and abroad. As one of the most important associations in the country, it contributes significantly to the successful development of the financial centre. The Association attaches particular importance to sustainability and credibility and is part of the international network Financial Centres for Sustainability.

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About rrreefs
Founded by four women, the Zürich-based ETH Spinoff rebuilds dying coral reefs with a scientifically developed reef system. Worldwide unique, their modular 3D-printed clay bricks have been shown to increase fish diversity to natural levels and achieve extraordinary settlement of young coral. The young startup always works with multiple local partners and is currently active in the Maldives, Philippines, Colombia, British Virgin Islands, and soon also in Ecuador.

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