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Our collaboration with DynamicElement has transformed our crypto stamp production. By integrating cutting-edge technology, particularly their Secure QR-Code solution, we've not only met collectors' demands for authenticity but also streamlined our processes. The partnership has allowed Gutenberg AG to pioneer new standards in stamp printing, combining anti-counterfeit security with superior craftsmanship

Gutenberg AG


  • Integration of Advanced Technology: DynamicElement’s innovative product identification technology transforms Gutenberg’s stamp production process.
  • Ensured Authenticity: Implementation of Secure QR-Codes guarantees stamp uniqueness and guards against counterfeiting.

About Gutenberg AG

Established in 1927, Gutenberg AG holds the unique distinction of being the sole printer authorized to produce postage stamps in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The demand for their stamps stems not just from exclusivity and security but also the superior craftsmanship embedded in each piece.

Challenge: Seamless Security Feature Integration

Gutenberg AG faced the challenge of meeting collectors’ demands of stamp authenticity while upholding exceptional quality as the exclusive stamp printer in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Solution: Innovative Stamp Production via DynamicElement’s Technology

Gutenberg AG and DynamicElement collaboratively integrated DynamicElement’s software and seamlessly incorporated a macro camera into the Sinajet Digital Cutter, automating the production of counterfeit-proof crypto stamps. Leveraging cutting-edge technology such as computer vision and AI, DynamicElement’s software registers each stamp’s QR-Code and assigns individual serial numbers to ensure authenticity.

How it works: DynamicElement’s integrated technology captures the unique surface characteristics of the embedded QR-Codes through the macro camera’s lens. This process facilitates the generation of Secure QR-Codes (SQR Codes), distinguished by their distinct ink distribution pattern on each stamp. These SQR Codes ensure individuality and provide a straightforward means of verification against counterfeiting.

Efficiency and Precision in Stamp Authentication

The automated reading of stamp sheets ensures a high throughput, enabling swift processing. Coupled with DynamicElement’s software, the scanned SQR-Codes are meticulously matched to respective products, allowing for subsequent authenticity verification for each stamp.

Diverse Print Offerings and Expertise

Gutenberg’s comprehensive services span business stationery, brochures, flyers, magazines, books, direct mailings, and specialized packaging solutions. Additionally, they provide extensive publishing services and distribution. Gutenberg AG’s Media Design division complements their print services, aiding clients in transforming digital content into impactful visuals.

The Result: Pioneering Stamp Production

Gutenberg AG stands out in the print industry by specializing in stamp production. Their innovations include pioneering self-adhesive stamps featuring genuine perforation and slotted fronts. Catering to various European postal services, they currently produce special stamps using both self-adhesive and wet glue techniques. Their latest venture includes automated reading and product identification of crypto stamps for Philately Liechtenstein in collaboration with DynamicElement.

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